Beautiful You


This picture poem speaks for its self.

Many Black American women (Sistas) feel uncomfortable in their own skin. They lack self worth and pride because society has made it known that most people prefer lighter toned women. Lately this has been a controversy in urban communities because the media always portrays the African American woman as “light skinned” or “bi-racial”. Which in return has planted a seed of colorism and a bias self- hatred in the hearts of many dark brown women and girls. Although I did not watch the “Dark Girls” special on OWN, I chose not to watch because it would have hurt my heart to see and hear the struggle.

tumblr_magsyeXwwj1rxb8s9o1_500                       tumblr_llfe3b2nGd1qcuz3oo1_500                        2011-12-06-afro_woman

But I do know this, we as black people come in many many different colors and they are ALL beautiful. We are the only race who have been blessed by God himself.  He took the time out to create us in a special way so that we can be seen in so many shades and hues.  Weather it be black,  dark-brown, red-brown, light-brown, tan, ebony, mohagony, caramel, albino, or chocolate.  In the end it does not matter and should not matter what shade of black or brown you are. You’re still black!   We as a people create beautiful colors and need to continue to hold our heads high, stay supremely powerful and true to ourselves, our people, and our creator because black really is Beautiful.  “Say it Loud!..Im BLACK and Im PROUD!”