All Nat-ur-al

Embracing your natural kinky curl is the first step to self acceptance.

When I first decided to do “the big chop” I contemplated on whether or not I actually wanted to embark on the adventure. I call it an adventure because my natural hair has so many different textures; and I thought it would be a lot harder to maintain since I am used to wearing Kinky twists. But rest assure I finally decided to go through with it! Come to find out after I cut off my relaxed hair, my natural hair curls extremely easy. Now I rock a small curly afro that I died deep red. I get plenty of complements and praise. Most sistas are afraid to go All Nat-ur-al because they are worried of what other people might say or think, but I am here to re assure my fellow peers. Embrace your natural self! If your friends, peers, or co-workers still do not accept you, they do not have your best interest at heart.

One Love



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