Beautiful You


This picture poem speaks for its self.

Many Black American women (Sistas) feel uncomfortable in their own skin. They lack self worth and pride because society has made it known that most people prefer lighter toned women. Lately this has been a controversy in urban communities because the media always portrays the African American woman as “light skinned” or “bi-racial”. Which in return has planted a seed of colorism and a bias self- hatred in the hearts of many dark brown women and girls. Although I did not watch the “Dark Girls” special on OWN, I chose not to watch because it would have hurt my heart to see and hear the struggle.

tumblr_magsyeXwwj1rxb8s9o1_500                       tumblr_llfe3b2nGd1qcuz3oo1_500                        2011-12-06-afro_woman

But I do know this, we as black people come in many many different colors and they are ALL beautiful. We are the only race who have been blessed by God himself.  He took the time out to create us in a special way so that we can be seen in so many shades and hues.  Weather it be black,  dark-brown, red-brown, light-brown, tan, ebony, mohagony, caramel, albino, or chocolate.  In the end it does not matter and should not matter what shade of black or brown you are. You’re still black!   We as a people create beautiful colors and need to continue to hold our heads high, stay supremely powerful and true to ourselves, our people, and our creator because black really is Beautiful.  “Say it Loud!..Im BLACK and Im PROUD!”



3 thoughts on “Beautiful You

  1. I’m sorry, but I have to interject some proper information in response to your blog. There was a study done a few years ago and it was discovered that not only do young Black girls have more positive feelings about themselves; they were rated highest above all girls from other cultures. This also translates into Black women in general.

    Black women aren’t the ones spending millions of dollars on plastic surgery, botox injections, butt implants, lip implants, etc. We embrace our bodies and empower our minds.

    • Thanks for your input but I already know this. I am a black woman who embraces my self naturally. But I am talking bout Now not years ago, and in relation to the “Dark Girls” episode on Oprah’s OWN network. This problem still exists in many urban communities weather they admit it or not. If you read the end of my post I stated my own opinion about the controversy in general.
      Also even though you state that black women aren’t the ones spending millions of dollars on plastic surgery & butt implants (even though we are as well), botox, etc.. We Are spending millions of dollars on hair weave and products that comes from other cultures around the world like India, Brazil, & Asia. We also spend billions of dollars on products and services, apparel, media habits, consumer trends, cars, entertainment & leisure, and personal and or professional services and of course personal care products. So really all of these things make our bodies look good and help us empower our minds. In which all of the above is materialistic self empowerment and self worth is a State of Mind that all black women have in their hearts despite of what was studied or what the media says.

      • This is all part of the white construct of brainwashing and YES! Many Black women in particular have fallen for it.

        I’ve tried to pass on the information about hair weave and how Koreans are getting rich from the insecurity of Black women. Yet, when was the last time you saw one of us working in a Korean store? They are also trying to push Black hair care store owners out of business. Yet…Black folks keep buying that Yak hair.

        Who’s the fool?

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